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Latest Reviews
  • tvaddict1997 - 15-10-2018 6:02:01 pm
    1 /10
    Honestly this show should be the poster child for how NOT to include a feminist agenda in television. I agree with most of the stuff they were talking about but even I felt like it was forced and out of place. The original show had female strength and empowerment without the blatant feminist sentence every two minutes.
  • ikittyqueen - 15-10-2018 4:39:34 pm
    9 /10
    Oooh, this is so good. The suspense is great and it's interesting how all the pieces come together.
  • CloakAndDapper - 15-10-2018 4:32:17 pm
    I wouldn't watch the Speedvid links, they are full of viruses.
  • GreekLover - 15-10-2018 9:49:32 am
    4 /10
    This review includes spoiler!
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    its a messed up situation but i hope it will get better
  • saff786 - 15-10-2018 5:34:17 am
    Not to sure about the reboot, might give it a few more episodes before writing it off. But Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) does remind me of a young Alyssa Milano
  • darkharvest - 15-10-2018 5:29:03 am
    s6 e2 vidlox.tv/7eor49j0o53t
  • darkharvest - 15-10-2018 5:21:28 am
    s8 e2 vidlox.tv/yxwbs64yl04g
  • ichiii - 14-10-2018 6:38:16 pm
    Also, @kruciphix13, The Titans that you're referring to were just Dick Grayson's Teen Titans in their early 20's when Tim Drake was running his own teenage superhero team, so people would not be incorrect in assuming that this was based on the Teen Titans. And, needless to say @MikeRage, I do take offense to you saying that one would "have to have absolutely no idea who the Titans are in order to enjoy this show." There's plenty of death, betrayal, and darkness in Teen Titans (Terra, Superboy,
  • ichiii - 14-10-2018 6:28:37 pm
    8 /10
    As someone who has read DC's Teen Titans, I actually liked Titans. I'm hoping that it gets better as time goes on, this episode kind of rushed with introducing the characters, but I'll be continuing to watch it.
  • kruciphix13 - 14-10-2018 5:56:01 pm
    I wans't talking for you many people thinks that this is about teen titans but if you don't like that shows don't watch it and don't comment about this show anymore it's simple
  • WatcherlvlGod - 14-10-2018 9:39:32 am
    6 /10
    Lol ,Troll trap
  • MikeRage - 14-10-2018 9:00:12 am
    Like I said, you'd have to have absolutely no idea who the Titans are in order to enjoy this show.
  • MikeRage - 14-10-2018 9:00:09 am
    @kruciphix13 You obviously are just hearing it about it. If you actually read the Titans comic, you'd know that the comic is very light in tone and is all about team building and family unlike this dark and gritty mediocre shit. (don't get triggered over my opinion now lol)
  • ikittyqueen - 14-10-2018 4:56:50 am
    9 /10
    It seems promising. I just watched the first episode and all the characters seem developed and the acting isn't that bad, Let's see how it progresses.
  • captmadz - 14-10-2018 12:38:51 am
    10 /10
    i thoroughly enjoyed this first episode. only knowing animated titans it was entertaining. effects wise it was noir believable and casting is good. the black starfire furor will evaporate, twas a very good true portrayal
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